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4th Disciple MySpace Page

4th Disciple has been in the front with the Clan since the beginning. Along with producing some of the most famous Wu-Tang tracks (such as "Wu-Gambinos", "B.I.B.L.E." and "A Better Tomorrow") he is also a member and main producer of Killarmy. Currently working on a number of projects.

1. Nowhere 2 Run
2. Deadly Missionz
3. Next Level feat. Juvenile
4. Interegationz
5. Evolution
6. Game 7 feat. Killah Priest
7. Pain Growz
8. Black Sheep
9. Symphony Of Life
10. Heavy Berdenz
11. Atak The Slave Mastah
12. Lass Dayz

The album came out in June '07 and was internet released only,

The production by 4th disciple is just AMAZING here and includes some of the "deepest" beats he ever made, every single track is pure dope hip hop.