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Listen to track 2, "The Interview"
Listen to track 3, "Problems"

Newest member of the Molemen drops his debut for the world to hear his smooth Chicago flow. Having been reared in a diverse musical environment, Astonish gained a unique aural experience that has helped him develop his balanced approach to music. Between the old-school soul records of his grandparents’ era, his father’s penchant for NWA, and his own musical delving with everything from Usher to Nas to Red Hot Chilli Peppers: Astonish’s rhymes convey a multitude of topics that reflects this musical heritage.

Music video for his first single received over 13,000 views its first week on Astonish’s debut release has been overseen by Molemen Inc, to meet high quality Hip Hop standards. Sonically, this album takes the listener back to the real raps over raw beats era. Production is handled by Panik, PNS, O-Zone (Torture Chamber) & Cucs (RNA). Fellow crew members Scheme & Decay, plus Boston MC Termanalogy drop guest verses. The rookie of the year is here.

1. Can U Hear Me
2. The Interview
3. Problems (feat. Scheme & Decay)
4. Broken Dreams
5. Panik Attak
6. Microphone Check
7. Life Ain't Sweet (feat. Termanology)
8. No Patience
9. Light'em Up
10. Impossible


Astonish - Can U Hear Me