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Listen to track 3, "Where I'm From"

His name is Main Flow and his latest album is called Flow Season, but his skills go beyond just lyrically riding a track. On the follow up to his 2004 solo debut, Hip-Hopulation, Main Flow joins with producer 7L to reiterate what many in the underground already know, he's a beast on the mic. Hip-Hopulation had a long guest list of MCs and producers, but the Cincinnati-born rapper keeps his approach simple on Flow Season. He rhymes exclusively on 7L beats and only shares the mic on three tracks, leaving himself plenty of opportunities to shine.
*Excerpt from allhiphop.com review*

01. Flow Season
02. The Show
03. Where I'm From
04. Hold Lines
05. She Like The Way I Talk
06. Forever Rap (feat. Cormega)
07. No Gangsta
08. Recipe
09. Hustle Flow
10. 7L Says Nope
11. Top Scholars Rap (feat. Esoteric)
12. The Re-Up
13. Stack Up Rap (feat. The Grouch & Whosane)
14. Permission To Speak