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Listen to track 2, "Children Sing"

Together, Pace Won (Outsidaz) and Mr. Green form the classic hip hop combo: One MC, and One DJ. In the essence of 'Eric B. and Rakim' and 'Gangstarr.' they define their style as classical hardcore Hip Hop. Mr. Green's heart pounding beats blend perfectly with Pace's gravelly yet smooth flow creating a flawless result. Within days of dropping their first single, they were already in radio rotation of many profound DJ's such as DJ Premier, DJ Eclipse and DJ Tony Touch. Their song 'Children Sing' is already considered to be an underground classic. With dynamic live shows that involves both improvisation as well as crowd participation, they define the definition of true performers.

01. Four Quarters
02. Children Sing
03. The Eye of A Needle
04. I Need Money
05. Let A Shot Go
06. Who I Am
07. Hip Hop
08. Childhood (Ft. Cymarshall Law, Kosha Dillz & Marylou)
09. So Straight
10. Won on Won
11. She Be So Cold
12. The Joker


Pace Won & Mr. Green - The Eye Of A Needle