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The smash follow-up to QN5's initial offering in the mixtape arena, Asterisk:Two blew the doors off every hip-hop compilation in 2003.

Asterisk:Two marked a new direction for the mixtape series, once again blended by DJ JS-1 . This time around, the label focused it's effort to provide a multitude of exclusive cuts as opposed to the general "mixtape" re-hashing on volume One. So, in essence, Asterisk:Two is actually a compilation and not a mixtape. With all original production and guest appearances by many QN5-affiliates, this edition flows effortlessly as a continuous mix for 80 minutes (including a special JS-1 hidden cut-track).

Contained on Two, are the now standard 'show-closers', "Beastin!" by Mecca and Session's cautionary "Don't Do It To Yourself", which along with PackFM's "Forever Shine" & Tonedeff's "Heavyweight" serve as super-sneak previews of each artists forthcoming solo albums.

Along with these new anthems, Two features some truly brilliant guest appearances. If there's one thing QN5 Music knows how to do - it's put production. Just take a listen to Carolina-native Supastition's "It's Over Now", and see how ferociously correct Domingo laced the beat. Also, Cashmere The Pro's "Grown Man B.I." features some of silky jazz keys and a thorough drum track courtesy of Kno.

01) Intro
02) QN5 Allstars - Slogans - Produced By Domingo
03) Breez Evahflowin - Give It Away - Produced By Tonedeff
04) CunninLynguists - Old School - Produced by Kno
05) Tonedeff - Give A Damn - Produced by Domingo
06) PackFM - Forever Shine - Produced By Kno
07) 6th Sense - Nicholas Nolte (Freestyle) - Produced By Frequency
08) Mr. SOS - The Nonsense - Produced by Tonedeff
09) Debut - Ain't Human (Freestyle) - Produdced by Tonedeff
10) Squijee - PSA
11) Supastition - Its Over Now - Produced By Domingo
12) Mecca - Beastin - Produced by Domingo
13) Session - Don't Do It - Produced By Tonedeff
14) Mecca - Dimes (f/ Breez Evahflowin) - Produced by Kno
15) Bad Seed - Off The Top (Freestyle) - Produced By Tonedeff
16) Elite - Feel It - Produced By Elite
17) Substantial - Walk On Water (Freestyle) - Produced by Elite
18) Cashmere The Professional - Grown Man B.I. - Produced by Kno
19) Tonedeff - Heavyweight - Produced By Tonedeff
20) Session - The MC 2003 - Produced By Domingo
21) The Plague - Drugz - Produced By Tonedeff