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Currently incarcerated in an upstate New York Maximum Facility until Summer 2008. 9th Prince (Born Terrance Hamlin) is a rapper and one of the founding members of rap group Killarmy. He released his solo debut album Granddaddy Flow in 2003. He is the younger brother of RZA. Also goes by the alias Madman & Iron Fingers. 9th Prince gets his name from the kung-fu movie Shaolin Prince. 9th Prince has appeared on the following celebrated albums: Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars (as part of the group Killarmy) (August 5, 1997) Dirty Weaponry (as part of the group Killarmy) (August 11, 1998) Fear, Love & War (as part of the group Killarmy) (August 7, 2001) Granddaddy Flow (May 28, 2003)

Listen to track 2, "The Writer"

1. Intro
2. The Writer
3. Sniper Challengers Feat. Islord
4. Ain't Promised Tomorrow Feat. Tommy Whispers
5. Vandalism Feat. Tekitha
6. Banned From The Radio
7. Never Front Feat. Beretta 9
8. Prince Of New York
9. Street Pharmacists Feat. Paradox, Jimmy Whispers & Trife Da God
10. Fan Voicemail
11. Bottomline
12. Tell A Friend


Video for "Banned From The Radio"