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The Mixtape Marvel is back with another collectors edition mix. 'Ready to Die: The O.G. Edition' is a must-own for fans of hip-hops legend, Biggie Smalls. The 1994 debut album from the Brooklyn rapper is considered a classic not only in rap, but in all of music. The 'O.G. Edition' gives you the album in it's ORIGINAL, UNCENSORED form... and even tosses in a few NEVER BEFORE HEARD gems including an unreleased freestyle B.I.G. recorded for Pepsi. Experience the album the way Biggie wanted you to (*in high quality*), before sample clearances and label executives got in the way. Many thought this material was long lost, never to be heard again... but the Mixtape Marvel delivers! Highlights on the CD include DJ Premier's version of "Machine Gun Funk", the original version of "Me & My Bitch", the unheard original version of "Whatchu Want" and an entirely shocking version of "The What" featuring 2 never before heard verses from the Notorious One. 5 NEVER BEFORE HEARD bonus tracks are also included at the end of the CD featuring demos and unreleased material including the 1991 recording "Biggie Got The Hype Shit", which was thought to be lost in a fire and never to see the light of day. Rejoice Biggie fans... this is your must have edition of 'Ready to Die'.

01. 03:08 Intro (Original Version With Uncleared Samples)
02. 03:50 Things Done Changed (Original Version)
03. 04:58 Gimme The Loot (Never Before Heard Uncensored Version)
04. 03:20 Machine Gun Funk (DJ Premier's Version)
05. 03:37 Warning (Original Version)
06. 03:45 Ready To Die (Original Version With Different Beat)
07. 04:53 One More Chance (Original Version With Uncleared Sample)
08. 01:29 Fuck Me (Interlude)
09. 03:52 The What (feat. Method Man) (Original Version With Unheard Lyrics)
10. 04:35 Juicy (Pete Rock's Version)
11. 05:13 Everyday Struggle (Original Demo Mix)
12. 03:38 Me & My Bitch (Original Version With Different Beat)
13. 05:37 Respect (Original Extended Edition)
14. 03:23 Friend Of Mine (Original Demo Version)
15. 03:34 Whatchu Want (Unreleased Original Version)
16. 02:51 Suicidal Thoughts (Pete Rock's Version)
17. 04:57 Come On (feat. Sadat X) (Unreleased Original Version)
18. 01:10 Who Shot Ya? (Original Demo Mix)
19. 03:24 For The Macs & Dons (Unreleased Track)
20. 01:13 Pepsi Freestyle (Unreleased Track)
21. 03:53 Biggie Got The Hype Shit (Unreleased 1991 Demo Track)

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