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17 tracks and banging from beginning to end! Mike Mictlan and Mnemonic (of LA's Finest) are The Mercenaries and this is some dope ass shit! Reminded me of the spirit and energy of the Micranots, Rubberroom and the early days of Vancouver's Rascalz! Fiyah!

1. The Mercenaries
2. Luv 2 Hate
3. The Bigger They
4. Hey Mike
5. Soul Survivor
6. 45 Degree Angle
7. Living Slightly Larger (feat. P.O.S.)
8. Get Up
9. Seventy Seven
10. Action
11. Make It Better
12. Megablast
13. Pharonology
14. Revolution (feat. Son Doobie)
15. Euthanasia
16. 1st Chapter
17. Mercenaries Outro

This dope album is sure to be a classic soon, only a limited amount pressed so this is definitely an exclusive that you need to cop!!!