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King Syze is a core member of the Jedi Mind Tricks’ affiliated supergroup Army of the Pharaohs. Many have likened his witty, aggressive flow and his imposing presence on the mic to that of a young Big Pun.

Featuring a wealth of indie hip-hop’s most prominent players including fellow Pharaohs Vinnie Paz (Jedi Mind Tricks), Ill Bill (Non-Phixion & La Coka Nostra), Apathy, Outerspace & more, King Syze is poised to take the aggro indie hip-hop market by storm with his highly anticipated sophomore offering, The Labor Union.

01. The Labor Union
02. The Best
03. Play Ya Part (P.Y.P) feat. Doap Nixon & Ill Bill
04. Creep Show feat. Lawrence Amell & King Magnetic
05. Love vs. Hate
06. Cement Work (Produced by Snowgoons)
07. Haters Beware feat. Planetary
08. Mayhem feat. Planetary, Demoz, Des Devious, Chief Kamachi, Celph Titled, Doap Nixon & Esoteric
09. That's How You Rap
10. And Now feat. Vinnie Paz & Apathy
11. Pain
12. Sibling Rivalry Pt. 2 feat. Outerspace
13. Reality Check

This album is a massive step up for King Syze from his last album in '06, "Syzemology". Lyrically and production wise Syze brings the truth on this release. I gave it a couple listens and was surprised at how much it grew on me. Most, if not all the tracks come correct, especially the ones that feature fellow A.O.T.P. members. My personal fave has to be the track called "And Now" which has Vinnie Paz, King Syze & Apathy spittin deep verses about how the download industry is killing their artistry, seriously, if this tune don't make you reach into your pockets and support real hip hop like this then you just a leach... show luv people, this album is dope!!


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