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1. I Gotta
2. Apart Of Me
3. That Your Man
4. Here They Come
5. Promise Land
6. In The City
7. Taxi Driver
8. Take You There
9. Watch Me Get This Money
10. The Girl For You
11. So Crazy
12. I Think I'm In Love
13. Detroit, Detroit
14. Hip Hop 911

I think this was originally planned for release in '07 but whatever happened, it never surfaced and Royce went on to concentrate on his 2 official projects for release in late '08. These projects include the "Bar Exam 2" mixtape, planned for release on August 26th & his official album "Street Hop". This unofficial cd recently surfaced all over the net, so if it generates some buzz leading up to "Bar Exam 2" then it's def worth a listen.