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Listen to track 7, "Urban Guerillaz"

01. Building To Building
02. Die Harder feat. Octave
03. Backtrack
04. People Know feat. Lameck
05. Outside The City feat. Ovtave
06. Voices
07. Urban Guerillaz
08. Goldenshower

An album at 8 tracks? You’re having a laugh ain’t you? Well it would appear Toronto’s (T-Dot… ergh!) latest export, Wasun isn’t joking. Still, if “What Must Be Done” is dope, who cares right?

Looking at what people Wasun’s worked with shows he’s well respected in the Canadian scene (Saukrate’s & Choclair) so he’s certainly managed to hook up some quality beats, which come mainly from Octave. These instantly impress and leave you feeling like you’ve listened to some good old fashion boom bap, such as the feel good think back track “People Know” or the paranoid “Voices”. But it’s the RZA sounding “Golden Shower” track that shows Wasun in his best light on the CD. Unfortunately though, this album is over as soon as it’s started, to the point that if you’ve got your CD on loop, you’ll be thinking “haven’t I heard this already” when track 1 comes back around.
*Sone random review from the net

This EP is amazing, dope lyrics and sick beats by Octave... I can't believe I slept on this release... and it came out in '05?! On the real though, this is probably one the best EP releases since the classic "Champion EP" by Brother Ali back in '03! Don't sleep, you'll be surprised at how damn good this is! Trust me, as soon as you hear the classic "Golden Shower", you'll be cursing when you realise that that's the last track! "I wanna hear more"!!!!