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Features over 20 tracks of collaborations between Verbal Kent, Rusty Chains, Lance Ambu, Alltruisms, Roadblok, Doomsday, E-Brown, Moodswangz, Kang the Konqueror & Elfamail. Production by J-Zone (2 tracks), Kaz1, DJ Prizm, Roddy Rod (of Maspyke), 5th Element, Kut-O, Earmint & more.

Listen to track 8, "Where's The Armor Award?"

1. "Coming Attraction"
2. "Tom breaks into Adler" (skit)
3. "Trouble Ahead" (prod. Piojo)
4. "Eat People" (prod. Kut-O)
5. "Eat Them" (prod. DJ Prizm)
6. "Senseless Hate" (prod. J-Zone)
7. "Orderly is briefed after visiting Travis" (Skit)
8. "Where's the Armor Award?" (prod. Roddy Rod)
9. "The Exorcism of Emilie Rose" (prod. DJ Prizm)
10. "That's Not a Knife" (prod. 5th Element)
11. "Dr. River quits" (skit)
12. "Another Fidel Surgery" (prod. Earmint)
13. "The Saliva Monologues" (prod. DJ Prizm)
14. "Dr. River Briefs Dr. Murphy" (skit)
15. "Barry the Hatchet" (prod. Kaz1)
16. "Walking Cadavers" (prod. DJ Prizm)
17. "Meat Hook Memories" (prod. E. Brown)
18. "Orderly Meets Juando" (skit)
19. "The Group Meets" (skit)
20. "Adler Sanitarium" (prod. J-Zone)
21. "Outro"