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Here it is, the long awaited follow-up to "The Spirit Of '94" which served as a tribute to fellow lyricists Nas, Notorious B.I.G., Prodigy, Havoc and more who released groundbreaking albums in 1994. Followed up with a remix version by 9th Wonder called "The Spirit of '94 Version 9.0," a mixtape, a few rap battle titles under his belt, and more than 10,000 vinyl and CD sales worldwide, Kaze is ready to release "Block 2the Basement." This time around Kaze is backed by production from D1 from Black Wall Street, K Slack, Analogic and Erv Ford. Already released in the digital realm through an agreement with Rawkus Records as part of their digital-only Rawkus 50 program,"Block 2the Basement" is currently the #3 seller of the 50 releases. Now, through Kaze's own Sound Of The Culture imprint, this album is available in a hard copy, released to a market primed by extensive online coverage and promotion through the likes of and "Block 2the Basement" features a long list of North Cackalacka guest emcees and the ultra-hot cut "Paperwork" featuring Royce Da 5'9".

1. The Grudge (Wolves In The Gutter) (Produced By: Erv Ford)
2. Silent Onez feat. J. Black (Produced By: Jazz B)
3. Immaculate feat. A.M. (Produced By: Skaz Digga)
4. Ride Wit Me feat. K. Slack (Produced By: K. Slack)
5. Paperwork feat. Royce Da 5'9” (Produced By: Erv Ford)
6. I Got Soul (Produced By: D1)
7. Burn It Up (Produced By: D1)
8. You Call That Gangsta? feat. Young Flu (Produced By: D1)
9. You Don't Know (Produced By: K. Slack)
10. Real Life (Produced By: Analogic)
11. The Darkside (Produced By: DJ Scandales)
12. Dynasty (Produced By: Analogic)
13. The Stereotype (Remix) (Produced By: FortyI)
14. I Was Raised On It (The 80s) (Produced By: Erv Ford)
15. So Real feat. Erv Ford, Wordsworth (Produced By: Erv Ford)
16. Black Man Worldwide feat. Supastition, Mr. Mohalyn (Produced By: DJ Forge)
17. Genuine feat. Mr. Mohalyn (Produced By: JahFree)
18. Dear God (Trouble At Home) (Produced By: Erv Ford)
19. The Quickening feat. Empty Pockets (Produced By: Analogic)
20. We Want It All (Produced By: K. Slack)