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In a time when hip hop is in desperate need of originality, a refreshing sound can be heard from a most unlikely place. The Loyalists have recently emerged onto the scene from Burlington VT, and they prove the old saying to once again be true... "It ain't where you're from, it's where you're at."

Framework, E-Train and TouchPhonics make up this unique trio. All three of them attended the same high school. Framework and E-Train made hip hop music together from an early age, but it was in 2001 that the three came together as a group. They started off as a turntablist crew, but it wasn't long before realizing that they possess all of the needed tools to form a dynamic hip hop group. Framework has been rhyming since he can remember and his unmistakable flow is proof of his natural talent. E-Train and TouchPhonics hold down the production with attention grabbing beats that earn respect from the most critical hip hop crowds.

Check for their debut album "Moodswing," as well. The Loyalists are stampeding their way to the top, and whether the world is ready or not, they will be heard.

1. Introduction
2. Easy Street
3. Skills Remain Timeless
4. Get What You Give
5. Out Of Tone Speakin'
6. Liquid Courage
7. Golden Rule feat. Craig Mitchell
8. Perceptions Fist
9. Drive
10. Angelic Wings
11. Horrorscope
12. Subliminal Messages feat. Learic
13. Ricochet
14. Revolutioneye's
15. My Crew
16. Closure feat. Pro
17. Frameworker
18. AV Room
19. North Winds