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The Loyalists are made up of three very talented hip hop artists. They pride themselves on being self-sufficient. They write, produce, record, and engineer their music on their own. E-Train and TouchPhonics handle the production while Framework holds down the emcee position. All three members are turntablists and their music is rich with cuts.

The Loyalists make raw hip hop music for the true fans, while maintaining a unique style that can't be found anywhere else. They've been doing it for over a decade now and it shows in their work. If you're looking for a group that can bring the real hip hop and keep your head nodding then look no further.

Listen to track 5, "Dedication"

1. Chin Check (intro)
2. Credentials
3. Firestarters
4. Wash
5. Dedication
6. Underground World feat. Learic
7. Three Amigos Revenge
8. Radio
9. Dollar Child
10. No Matter How Hard
11. Sound The Horn
12. This Is For Hip Hop
13. Creative Thinking
14. Identity Crisis
15. Understand Rap
16. Disperse
17. The Realness
18. Bedtime

One of the best underground hip hop albums to come out this decade! Framework is an incredible MC, who flows like his heart is firmly embedded in the golden age era, then you have Touchphonics & E-Train supplying the ammunitions (beats & cuts) that makes for a sublime debut. Don't sleep in this classic people. Right through this album, there isn't one filler track. Get familiar with The Loyalists, they stand for everything that's positive about hip hop today! Also peep the rest of their discography, right here on TR!