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The Odd Couple was formed. In 2001, The Odd Couple released “Pimp Shit” b/w “Por Qué” on Solid Records/Golden Apple Records. The record was an immediate success and spawned the notion of putting together a complete album. Due to financial stress and other delays, the album took nearly three years to complete. These unfortunate events sent Jay Love below the radar.

1. Intro
2. Double Fisted
3. Wreckyalife feat. J.J. Brown
4. Beat Your Ass
5. Old Rasputin
6. Tommy Boy
7. Between Your Legs
8. Open The Mic feat. Celph Titled, J-Zone & J.J. Brown
9. Pimp Shit
10. The Day I Was Born (Remix)
11. Simple Words
12. Bully
13. Too Much Heat
14. The Lounge
15. Por Que
16. The Day I Was Born