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"Blame It On The Hooch" gets a re-release with some bonus material along the way bringing J-Zone into the mix. Louis Louis comparing himself to Sal Paradise is almost as great as when he gave out barf bags as a promo item. Barf bags are some straight next level shit. Professional packaging this time around.

1. Over The Cuckoos Nest [produced by DJ Rude]
2. Brew Akbar [produced by Eddie Bones]
3. Gentlemen & A Scholar [produced by DMinor]
4. Squeeky & The Head Detective [produced by J-Zone]
5. What You Think, What I Know [produced by J.J. Brown]
6. Chicks Don't Mind [produced by J.J. Brown]
7. Get It Started (Remix) [produced by J.J. Brown]
8. Off The Chrome [produced by J.J. Brown]
9. Rock (Remix) [produced by J.J. Brown]
10. Watching You (Remix) [produced by Muneshine]
11. Don't You Even Go There [produced by Apathy]
12. Fuck 'Em [produced by DJ Cheapshot]
13. Strange [produced by J-Zone]
14. Resume [produced by Panik]
15. The Godz Must Be Crazy [produced by Apathy and Celph Titled]
16. I-Jonez (Exclusive) [produced by Over skills]
17. Idiot Gear (Remix) [produced by DMinor]
18. Starling's Darling [produced by J.J. Brown]