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AFFLUENT RECORDS Presents.... SADAT X “Generation X” Album “Generation X” takes us on a 15 song hard hitting hip hop musical journey through the life and times of Sadat X in the streets of the NU New York City in 2008. With club hits like “Never” and the epic biographical radio hit single “This is Your Life” alongside a special guest cameo from Underground Hip Hop legend Thirston Howl III. Generation X Will be sure to bang be heard and lead the way to becoming A must in your play list.

01. Now (Feat. Twan)
02. This Is Your Life
03. Jungle (Feat. Twanie Ranks)
04. Never
05. Think Different
06. X-Plain
07. He Walks With Me (Skit)
08. X Is The Word
09. Walk Upright
10. Hey Baby
11. The Okeedoke
12. Morning Food (Feat. Twankie Ranks)
13. Live
14. Make It Happen
15. Heart To Heart (Feat. Thirstin Howl III)
16. Its A Demo
17. New York
18. Sweat

*All tracks produced by Will Tell