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The Co$ Edition: “Tommorrow’s Yesterday” Mixtape will be dropping later this month. All the material rangers from 04-08, it’s 20 original joints, some old, some newer, hence the title “Tommorrow’s Yesterday. Here are a couple of tracks that should wet ya appetite...

Listen/Download: Fiyaring(updadro) (Prod. by Exile)

An old weed song from '05 that alot of heads feel, so chea, download this and blaze something while u bang it…..
smoke something wit ya boi!!!!

Listen/Download: Angelic feat. Blu (Prod. by Alphabet 4)

A joint i did for my upcoming lp, Before I Awoke, but do to some technical difficulties I couldn't get everything done that I wanted mix wise, soooo, Im leaking it to you guys early......Blu merced it ofcourse, and I did my thing as usual, haha(at the sake of sounding less than humble, haha).......go ahead and down load this, knock it, the beat will have you zoning out.....this track will be on my "Co$$ Edition Mixtape" dropping before the lp.
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