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Well it's about time! The ever elusive Son of Ran returns to San Diego after a few short years in the Bay hustling his highly sought after Sky City album (No, we still don't have it!) and pairs up with producing collective The Messangers...and that's not a spelling error by the way. Incoming Message is about growth and maturity and finding your place in this world. Son of Ran is one of the most talked about emcees that you still haven't heard of...but his message is inspirational. Disciplined and spiritual, faith based and promoting the values of family and friends in life, it is through hip hop and his writing that he is able to share this with the listener. As an incredibly skilled lyricist, the soulful production provided by the Messangers helps fuel the energy of the album on a personal note, like morality tales for the streets he's from. It's time to see what all the fuss is about...

01. Intro
02. The Arrival
03. Heart Breakers
04. Soul
05. Caterpillars Cocoon
06. What Matters
07. All In
08. For The Wax
09. Stomps To The Summit
10. Incoming Message
11. Street Runners
12. Lion’s Heart (Remix)
13. The Last Word Heard

Buy it if you like it, this album is a slept on gem, one of the best releases in '08! "Haven't heard of him before" I hear you say... well now's the time! And if you like soulful boom bap beats, The Messangers have that in abundance and together with Son of Ran, they don't disappoint! A very good release which definitely deserves more mention.

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