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Babygrande Records and Mic Club Music are proud to present Canibus’ fifth album, Rip The Jacker. Conceived as a concept album, Rip the Jacker combines Canibus’ unparalled lyricism with Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind’s eccentric beats.

Seeking to challenge convention without concern for commercialism, Canibus and Stoupe chose an unorthodox production approach. Just prior to enlisting in the US Army, Canibus laid the vocals for the entire album. Stoupe would then spend the entire winter of 2002 creating a sonic landscape that would mesh seamlessly with Canibus’ intricate rhyme style. We are proud to say that the result is an album where Canibus’ music is finally as interesting as his incredible lyrics.

01. Intro
02. Genabis
03. Levitibus
04. M-Sea-Creasy
05. No Return
06. Spartibus
07. Indivisable
08. Showtime At The Gallow
09. Psych Evaluation
10. Cemantics
11. Poet Laureate II

Thought I'd throw up this classic as Stoupe preps his loooong awaited debut "Decalogue" which comes out March 31st!!!

As far as i know, this is the only full album Stoupe has produced aside from the JMT albums, even though Stoupe was sent the lyrics prior to laying the backdrop for the album.

Still, this is a masterpiece as far as lyrics and beats are concerned and by far Bis' best album to date!

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