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It has been five years since the release of Camouflage, the first of many firsts for us here at Backwoodz Studioz. It was the first time Billy Woods appeared on wax, it was the first project that Vordul had worked on since the Cold Vein, BOND's first production work and, perhaps most importantly, it was the first album this label ever put out. A lot has happened in the years since, and we have put out a lot of records and worked with a lot of artists, but as a label we have always followed the blueprint laid down Camouflage; bold, creative and original. But the album itself has effectively been out of print since early 2004, and we thought it was about time to change that.

So it is fitting that here, on the five-year anniversary of it's release, we are re-issuing Camouflage. We at Backwoodz felt the time was right to make the album that started us off available, but not without a fresh coat of paint. The album has been painstakingly re-mixed, re-mastered and enhanced with the addition of some rare tracks. This a deluxe limited edition release in every sense of the word; there are only 250 copies , of which only half have been autographed for sale at select retailers . There will not be any further re-pressings of this cult classic, this is something we did for fans and people who caught the wave too late to grab a copy. We hope you enjoy.

01. The Fire Next Time (Intro) (Produced By: Bond)
02. Minimalism feat. Vordul Mega (of Cannibal Ox), Thrill Gates (Produced By: Aerotaxi)
03. The Things They Carried (Produced By: Bond)
04. Wonderful World feat. Priviledge (of Super Chron Flight Brothers) (Produced By: Bond)
05. Pre-Emptive Strikes
06. Macross Plus (Produced By: Bond)
07. Amazing Grace (Produced By: Bond)
08. Poli-Sci feat. Vordul Mega (of Cannibal Ox) (Produced By: Bond)
09. Pipe Dreamin' (Produced By: Bond)
10. Malt Liquor Freestyle (Produced By: The Professor)
11. Peter Luger (Produced By: Bond)
12. Georgia Ave. 3:07am (Produced By: Bond)
13. Undeclared Wars feat. Vordul Mega (of Cannibal Ox) (Produced By: Bond)
14. Stormy Weather (Produced By: Bond)
15. Gasoline (Produced By: Bond)
16. American Dreams feat. Vordul Mega (of Cannibal Ox) (Produced By: Bond)
17. Dead Drummer Boyz feat. Thrill Gates (Produced By: Bond)
18. Dirge feat. Vordul Mega (of Cannibal Ox) (Produced By: Bond)
19. Bright Lights, Big City (Produced By: Aerotaxi)
20. Times Have Changed (Outro) (Produced By: Bond)

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