C-Rayz Walz is back and wondering, "Who The F%@k Are You?" The blunt title is fitting for an MC who brings it hard start to finish. But don't let the hard image fool you, C-Rayz brings dedication, creativity and originality to his craft to stand out in a Hip Hop world filled with cookie cutter beats and rhymes. This veteran mic gripper mixes conceptual imagery and street credibility across 16 brand new cuts including "The Family Crest", a special dedication track to one of Hip Hop's greatest acts ever, Gang Starr. Guests include Slug from Atmosphere and one of the QB's most respected residents Lakey The Kid. Who is crazy enough to call their record "Who The F%@k Are You?"... C-Rayz of course.

01. Original Intro (Produced By: Kentron Da Mastodon)
02. The Art Of Energy (Produced By: Billy Bathgate)
03. Spread News (Produced By: Dub Sonata)
04. Love New York feat. Karniege, Vast Aire, Access Immortal, Poison Pen (Produced By: DJ Ruckspin)
05. In Your Soul feat. Slug (of Atmosphere), Samuel, Sum In 16 (Produced By: T.W.I.N.E.)
06. Needle In Ya Arm feat. Couture Ink, Lakey The Kayidee (Produced By: Platinum Beat Service)
07. Infected (Produced By: Judah
08. Oxy Killa feat. Major League (Produced By: Mike Beatz)
09. Hot Sauce feat. Klu Shiesty, Lady Pseudo (Produced By: Verse All)
10. Deeper Feelings feat. Echo1 (of House Of Repz) (Produced By: SensWalingh)
11. Crazy King feat. Bateria (of House Of Repz) (Produced By: Beatfirm)
12. Whiskey Mechanics feat. Roman E Gripp (Produced By: Enock Root)
13. Red, White & Blue feat. Sonni Shine, Lee G (Produced By: Delon)
14. OverSitChu (Produced By: Ill Legit)
15. The Twins (Produced By: Rhythmatik)
16. The Family Crest (Dedication To Gang Starr) feat. Swave Sevah (Produced By: Kenny Diaz)

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