Rise: Most know him for his ill punchlines and comical word play. Hailing from Brooklyn NY and one the members of the famed Demigodz crew. Rise has brought you classics like "The Wickedest Flow", "Do You Know Him", "Memories", "BKNY" and "Evolution" to name a few.

The Avid Record Collector: Has been on turntables since 1988. Created classics for Louis Logic "The Ugly Truth" and Best Friends". Produced a Full Length album with his now defunked group "The Odd Couple" called "Alcohol/Ism. Produced a Full Length album with his long time partner and friend "Born Talent" called "The Essence". Now he's joined forces with MC Rise to bring you the "Risen"album which will hit stores March 2009. The album is a mix of the classic hip hop sound with a touch of today. The album features collaborations with Masta Ace, Wordsworth, Born Talent, The One Jay Love, Poison Pen, Substanstial and BK Cyph.

01. Risen Intro
02. Rise Anthem
03. Born
04. Maintain
05. Sleep
06. Call Of The Wild
07. I Remember
08. Everyday
09. New York (Feat Substantial)
10. Make Room
11. Daddy Left (Feat Madafi)
12. Never Disapear
13. Handle Your Business (Feat Poison Pen)
14. Ain’t Nothing (Feat Celph Titled & J-Love)
15. Stuttering Fine
16. Wra Cypher (Feat Wordsworth & Masta Ace)
17. Julia’s Song (Feat Lynn)
18. Freestyle (Outro)

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