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Raydar Ellis and Quite Nyce met at a show where Raydar was playing with his band. They stayed in contact over some time eventually planning a bigger group project; Quite Nyce who is a member of the group RADIx and Raydar who is affiliated with Short Bus Alumni & Project Move. After months of trying to coordinate everything Quite Nyce called Raydar and said "Why don't WE just do a collab project?" Raydar agreed. He came to QN's studio and they went to work. Their chemistry, passion and desire to speak out and be heard is this album. Champs Vs. The League is a project full of positivity, pride in family and community, self respect, reflection and hard work. It is truly an intelligent breathe of fresh air in the current stagnant, un-innovative genre that is hip hop.

01. Leading The Leaders
02. Clap
03. Holla Bout A Dolla
05. Love Is Feat. Project Move
06. Move
07. Build Up
08. Ms. September
09. Broken Pieces
10. The Spirit
11. If I Never Feat. Akil & SoulStice
12. Trophy Room
13. Buck Short
14. They Say It’s The End

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